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This is what I saw in the forest


i am recalling my horrorfiying exepirence i had earliar on today.

i was walking round the local woods when i thought i heard

a stange screaming coming from somewhere inside the big

terrain.I stopped for several seconds to think about what had happend and dismissed it for a bird noise. Later that night a friend told me that there was a man in the woods that took children.So i went to find out who he was. 1minuate later i started to breathe heavily and saw a strange grey blob in the distence.I thought HOLY CRAP! i was glad i had my desert eagle  in my pocket.I walked untill i came to a strange symbol with an x inside a circle.I was getting really

creeped out now,i walked some more and stopped when...
And shadows reached out to claim her soul

slendy's coming

this tall man appered.I tried to run but his black tentecales stopped me in my tracks.I fired 6 times at him but only 3 hit him,to no affect.Luckily,my phone dropped out of my pocket

and miraculasly dialled 911 as it hit the grass. the police quickly came to my aid and the tall man escaped.To this day i haven't     seen him since.I did some reasearch and found his name is       SLENDERMAN.
And shadows reached out to claim her soul

slendy's coming

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